Neethi Medical Store

Federation started the “Neethi Medical Stores” with the assistance of Government of Kerala from 1st November 1998. Under this scheme medicines are made available to the consumers at a price less by 18to 40% of the MRP. The role of Consumerfed in the scheme mainly is to procure and distribute medicines on wholesale basis as per the requirement of the Neethi Medical stores.

Karshik Nursery

Agriculture Nursery. Hybrid Ornamental Plants, Exotic Indoor, Outdoor Plants, Palms, Medical Plants, Vegitable Crops. We also undertake Landscaping, Gardening and Designing.

High-Tech Farm

Today, traditional methods of farming are gradually giving way to high technology farming or high-tech farming due to land constraints. This type of farming uses modern machinery and farm chemicals to obtain maximum output from a given plot of land or a group of animals.

Sahakarna Medical Lab (Upcoming)

Medical or clinical laboratory is a laboratory where tests are usually done on clinical specimens in order to obtain information about the human health. Our aim is to provide medical lab test to the common man at his affordable reach and to build up a healthier society or nation.

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